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Knitters Anonymous is yet another brainchild of founder Julie Charles.

As an adult child of a knitter, Julie recalls growing up being shushed by her mother who was busy counting stitches and rows. Sadder still, as in so many of these tragic cases, her mother saw fit to turn her on to the addiction early in her childhood. As her pusher, her mother gave her access to her stash and knitting paraphernalia. She was forced to hold yarn for hours as her mother wound it into balls. Worse yet, as is so often true, a trusted adult, in this case her Brownie leader, repeated this early exposure to fibers, innocently starting with weaving potholders, then lanyards, and quickly progressing to spool knitting. It was a slippery slope, and faster than you can make a scarf with #20 needles, she was spending all her free time with needles in hand!

It's fair to say that Julie's life has never been the same. Sometimes in her sleep, her arms move as if still holding that yarn as her mother winds the balls. As a part of her recovery, Julie is now reaching out to others, whether chronic or binge knitters, knitaholics, or even feline yarn junkies. Some would refer to the fellowship she seeks as knitting circles. Julie would prefer to think of them as "meetings". She has developed a 12-step program for those whose hearts quicken at the mere thought of a yarn store, So, finally there is something you can give to offer help and hope your loved ones who are similarly afflicted.

A Message from the Founder...

Hi. I'm Julie and I'm a knitaholic. I hope you're enjoying the KnittersAnonymous site.  Keep coming back... and don't forget to order early and order often!  You'll always get fun free stuff in your shipment!   And remember,

DON'T KNIT AND DRIVE . . . . . you could drop a stitch!!!

Knit on,

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